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16 Designs of Interior Sliding Doors

These days’ interior sliding doors are much more than just flexible entry and exit routes through the home. They can be used to open up interior wall space and totally transform your living area. They come in several guises not just as doors but as sliding walls and sliding room dividers.

If you have a small area you need screen off such as a home office in one corner of the living room or restricted access where the traditional open and close door would take up too much room then sliding doors are the answer.

They can also be useful for bedroom closets particularly in confined loft conversions. Your only difficulty will be in narrowing down which one you choose to buy.

What Is An Interior Sliding Door?

This is the type of door that does not give you access to the outside of your home. It could be a bedroom door, office door, bathroom door, closet door, etc. You will find these types of doors in almost every home. What they are made out of varies and so do the choices of design.

Sliding doors as room dividers are very practical when it comes to needing flexible space in the home or office. At work small working offices can be turned into bigger conference and meeting rooms without too much effort.

You can also choose from combinations of frames and glass designs to suit the ambience and style of the area you are screening. If you want to convey the impression of space and light, then clear glass is a must although you need to be aware of potential safety hazards particularly if there are young children running in and out.

Choose doors with low profile tracks as well which whilst being visually appealing reduce the risk of trips and falls. Doors fitted with dust strips will keep out the dirt as well as reduce loss of heat and drafts.

Frame designs for sliding doors come in a variety of choices. You can choose from the one pane or solo glass to triple, quadruple sections and more. Frame finishes can be in wood such as walnut or maple as well as metal and plastics.

Reasons Why Homeowners Like Interior Sliding Doors

  • To add value to your home using these doors are the most cost effective way to do this.
  • They can add value to your home if you decide to sell your home.
  • They can help to create additional rooms and add depth to the small spaces in your home.
  • There are many different designs that will fit into your budget.
  • You can install them using common tools.
  • You can use them in your home and in an office.
  • They are so easy to open that even an elderly person or children can open them.
  • These type of doors are almost maintenance free and are very easy to care for.

Types Of These Doors

Luan Doors

These doors are mounted from a track at the head of the opening, which is where the two doors, one door behind the other door, slide into. This is the type of door that is usually used as sliding doors on your closets. When they slide open they do not take up any extra room so they are ideal for small bedrooms. The only drawback is that the way they are designed you cannot access both sides at the same time.

Pocket Doors

These are the ones that slide away from the opening and go into the wall. In new construction they are very popular because they can be fully opened without needing any extra space.

Other Usages

Closet and Wardrobe Dividers

Closet space is vital in a bedroom and if you have a small space being able to fit sliding doors gives you much more space. Doors that are mirrored will open up the space reflecting light back into the room. It also means that you don’t have to clutter up the room with free standing mirrors. Interior sliding closet doors can be fitted in a range of colours and styles including translucent coloured glass that gives stylish appeal to a bedroom. Tracking and handles can be co-ordinated to suit your individual style.

Office Partitions

You can use it as office partitions. They are very effective in industrial buildings and can be used to screen off the home office or study in small apartments or flats. Have a look through what is on offer from manufacturers as they will often let you come up with your own design, although bespoke designs will cost more than ready made. Sliding doors can also be made to fit around a corner of the room providing a private office space.

Where To Buy Them?

There are a variety of places where you can purchase sliding doors for your interior.

Home Improvement Stores

This is the best way to get you doors because you will be able to see how well the panels slide on the rails by trying out the handles. You will also be able to see what the different designs look like. Another advantage of getting them from a home improvement store is that you will have more sizes available. You will be able to take them home that day and install them immediately without waiting for days to get them.


The only drawback with ordering online is you will probably have to pay for shipping, which may be more expensive than the gas you would use going to a home improvement store. If it not what you want, does not exactly fit right, or does not really go with your decor, you will probably have to pay to ship it back.

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