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Home Theater Design, Equipment, Furnishings and Layout (15 Images)

One of the up and coming trends for family entertainment is the concept of the home theater. Many people are setting aside the more traditional living room or lounge and instead converting this into a home theater.

Unfortunately today’s sedentary lifestyle has caused many people to create different forms of entertainment and the home theater is one of those creations. When you have a theater in your house, you will have the quality experience of being in an actual theater while watching movies, television shows, wrestling matches, automobile racing, etc.

When designing a home theater you can use any room of your home but the best option is the basement if you have one. This is because a basement will block out the noise from its surroundings. A basement will give you the necessary environment and ambiance for creating the effect of being in a theater. If you do not have a basement you can choose any other room but the room should be used just for that reason.

How to Create a Theater in Your Home

It is not really that hard to create a home theater because all you need is to be creative and have a little technical knowledge. Once you have decided on the room where you are going to have your home theater installed, the next step would be the layout of how you are going to have the furniture and equipment arranged. When you get a theater in your home, you get two different speakers, surround and main speakers, a screen, and other equipment. You should have a cabinet aligned to the wall to put the equipment in, except for your surround speakers. You will need to put them in a high space or on stands.

You want to make sure that the furniture you have chosen for your home theater design ideas is placed at s comfortable distance from your screen. You should also make sure that the seats you have chosen are a little higher than the screen to make viewing easier. You should choose chairs that have a high back and if you can afford it, you can get recliner seats. There is even furniture that is specifically design for a home theater.

What Should The Interior Of Your Home Theater Be Like?

Once you have decided on the furniture, it is time to consider the interior of the room and what you are going to have to do to the room before the furniture and home theater arrive. If you do not have a basement to use and have to choose another room you need to take into consideration the acoustics in that room. If you have walls parallel to each other you may have a problem with the reception of the sound you are hearing. It is advisable that you take the time to add soundproofing material the list of things you need for your home theater design.

You also need to look at the lights in the room because they will have an effect on the quality of viewing the program or movie. You want to make sure that you do not write down to install bright lights in that room because they can cause a glare on your screen.

Although designs, fabrics, wall coverings and theme can be tailored to individual tastes, the layout and equipment remain basically the same. The home theater is based on a focal point of either a projector screen or flat screen plasma television at one end of the room with seating areas usually in short rows facing the viewing point. Some home theater incorporates a small bar or drinking area but this is dependent on the size of the room in which you house the theater.

The television screen or projector screen is a choice you have to make but mainly large widescreen plasma television and combined dvd players are mounted halfway up the focal wall with either built in speakers or a surround sound speaker system. At a comfortable viewing distance there is one, two or three rows of comfortable seating. These do not have to be custom built but you can choose to buy ready-made chairs or several two seater settees and place them side by side which will give the cinema or theater effect you are going for. Another good buy are the sofa’s that come with a range of add on seating or banquettes particularly good for creating an L shaped sitting area within a smaller space.

Lighting is important as you can invest in lighting with dimmer switches working on a remote control for the full cinematic experience. Up lighting around the walls is very effective and whilst fitting the electrics you can at the same time wire in the speaker system. Having a good sound system is important but you might want to consider your neighbours and think about soundproofing the room.

Let Yourself Go and Indulge Your Particular Taste

If you are a fan of early Hollywood then shop around for some luxurious fabric remnants, loop the material across windows or make a tented effect by attaching it to the ceiling. Invest in gold spray paint and find some small tables or plant pots , respraying them to give an opulent effect and filling them with palms. Posters of the screen goddess of the thirties and forties will complete the look. Or for a modernistic look keep to a crisp black and chrome finish to the seating area with stainless steel shuttered blinds to keep out the light.

Whatever you decide ensure that all electrical wiring is installed by a qualified electrician, then grab the popcorn and away you go!

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