Natural Material for Building Modern Rustic House

Lakewood House is a rustic house design with natural material for building  that located in a superb location of northeastern United States. This astonishing rustic style home design was created by Centerbrook Architects and Planners. They finished the construction process of this awesome rustic style home design back in 2008 and it become such a creation that always able to amaze people with its beauty since the day it was officially opened. There are few great things that we can find in this enchanting rustic home design and one of those things is, of course, the location in which this house is situated. It allows you to have such a lovely scenery to enjoy in your daily living, isn’t that amazing?

The rustic house plans  that developed in this wonderful rustic style home design is quite simple, the one thing that makes this beautiful rustic style home design so special lies in the supporting design element of this house. Take for example the material selection. This outstanding rustic style home design is full of natural material for building. There are stones, wooden material, plantation and many more. The modernity of the architectural design that applies in this nice rustic style home design is warped with smart natural material selection.

The interior area of this perfect rustic style home design is also something that we need to consider as the one that contribute specialty in this home. Take a look at the cozy living room design. This is an adorable living room that supported by nice and comfortable leather furniture. This living room is also equipped with such a nice stone fireplace, which make this room feels even more comfortable.

The design that uses in this gorgeous rustic style home design is developed to provide the user of this house a comfort living space to enjoy. Rustic house ideas which apply the natural material for building in northeastern United States are something that becoming the model of modern creation and rustic design style, indeed.