Shabby Chic Bedding

Shabby Chic Bedding – Vintage Styles

Shabby Chic Bedding or vintage is the best theme to decorate the room, especially in the summer. That’s because it is more comfortable, clean and spacious. The field of dollars and a great place and provide a calming effect in the summer. In addition, the color palette is usually connected to fantasy, especially suitable for thissummers delivered. We love the bright colors in summer and wear bright colors because they absorb less heat than darkones. Similarly, the color bed When you select a basic Shabby Chic Bedding, she said she would keep the bed as cold as many colors like white, turquoise, pink, white, leather, tan absorb a lot of heat. Here are some steps to achieve true theme rooms are chic for summer.

Vintage Understanding
There is a big difference between knowing and understanding the vintage. Sometimes achieve a vintage look, people miserable results. For example, paint the fence with dots of paint torn vintage look, but looks decent when you put the furniture in a supportive environment. Set the table with modern architecture and elegant furnishings, your table will look a long seniority. So first of all, you have to determine the boundary between the old and antique. Be unique and sensitive at the same time thinking theme.

Do not relax
Once again, be worthy and use your wits to put it. Buy fundamental Shabby Chic Bedding and other accessories is very easy, but putting them in a way that they combine to give a poor display is not a piece of cake for most people. So get an idea and use the internet, magazines and imagination that nothing could be more beautiful than the palace in your mind.

Recycling and reuse
Chic means old. Take advantage of it. Instead of spending money for new accessories, recycling and use old accessories. Find old grandmother’s trunk. You can get an old book to put on the table or large fabric flowers to hang on your kitchen window. The more you find, the more it will seem natural and save your money. In addition, you will also get rid of the old box waste is stored in your kitchen for anything.

Preferring to praise fit
Matching is not always perfect. In rough vintage and natural, the better. Using pieces of accessories that complimented the theme, not correspondence. For example, it is not necessary that the curtains that you use must be combined with the main Shabby Chic Bedding. I still prefer a good color match instead of dull and greasy.

Accessories are always put additional effects, wherever you use it. Just as fashion accessories add a boost to your personality, antique accessories will help you achieve a chic and perfect theme.

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