beautiful white trunk coffee table with grey sofa

Steamer Trunk Coffee Tables Have Unique & Rustic Designs

Trunk coffee tables is a low table that has been made to look like an old-fashioned steamer trunk, which is a type of large luggage that contain all the necessities of life when people took long journeys in the past. Because most of those long trips were taken by sea or land, this table had to be heavy, large, and sturdy.

Today steamer trunks are synonymous with exotic travel. This is what has led them to being a unique coffee table. In addition to making this coffee table look like a steamer trunk there are some that are actual steamer trunks with a flat top to create the coffee table surface.

These unique coffee tables can be made of wood or leather. They may also be embellished with leather or metal straps along with drawer openers. If it is one that is made to look like a steamer trunk it could have drawers which open from the sides for accessible storage.

A real steamer trunk would not have drawers and instead it would generally open on hinges from the top of the trunk. You can get this stuff in a variety of styles so they can go with any decor in your living room.

The biggest benefit is the extra storage space it offers, especially if it is a real steamer trunk that opens from the top but in order to get into the trunk you would have to clean off the top of the coffee table each time you did.

It does not use any more space than a regular coffee table but it does give you more storage space. If it is not a real steamer trunk you could have several drawers in which to store your remote controls, coasters, game controllers, games, magazines, etc.

With a real steamer trunk you can store extra blankets or winter coats during the winter. Having this table can also give you a unique conversational piece and can also be a focal point in your living room. These types of coffee tables can blend in with most home decor. If you have mission-style furnishings you could use a blond wood streamlined chest with dark hinges.

If you check into antique and estate sales you may be lucky enough to purchase a steamer trunk with labels of all the exotic places the owner went with the trunk and have it crafted into a coffee table.

In order for it to work as a coffee table it needs to have a flat lid and not the humped lid like some of the steamer trunks had. All you need to do is varnish the wooden surfaces, add new hardware and reupholstering the inside of the steamer trunk.

To jazz it up look for colorful travel stamps to put on the table to give it a well-traveled look.

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