What You Need to Prepare to Meet the Home Design Trends 2016

There will be some similarities and differences between home design trends 2015 and home design trends 2016. One of the similarities is about the interior decoration. In 2015, ‘70s decorations were commonly used. They still look imposing that in 2016 some experts predict that the decoration such as geometric wallpaper is still popularly applied. Honeycomb shape representing art deco also will be invited again in 2016. This decoration adds elegant look for the interior.

More Ideas of Home Design Trends 2016

There are also some other similarities between the home interior 2015 and 1016. The use of mason jars also will be still popular. Mason jars are versatile. They can be the main materials of some home accessories, especially those which are in DIY design. To complete the furniture design trends 2016, mason jars can be transformed into decorative pendant lamps (for the shade) or into simple yet interesting transparent vases. This is one of home design trends 2016 that is so practical to try.

Another simple yet cool home design trends 2016 from 2015 is the chalkboard paint. Some home interior designs are completed with a single part of the wall painted in black. It is the background where the homeowner can add handwriting or even drawing. Kids love adding some smudges on it. Some homeowners apply this idea to write some notes. In kitchen, chalkboards are strategic to write down some to do list or some other notes.

Consider also the existence of encaustic tiles. With its intricate patterns, they will create a stunning interior décor. Of course, there are some rooms that require the existence of this element. Instead of picking the glossy glaze tiles which are commonly in a single color, the intricate patterns of encaustic tiles will be more popular. For the home design trends 2016, they can be applied for bathroom flooring, wall accent or backsplash for kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity. The intricate pattern will also present some color accents at once.

To complete the interior decoration, artistic accents are added. For the home design trends 2016, artisan pieces will be so popular. One can find some artisan souvenirs when traveling to certain places or in flea market. The uniqueness of these artisan pieces will grab lots of attention. Of course, the main place to display them is in living room. They can be added at the corner or next to the media furniture. For some small artisan pieces, they are good to display on the shelves or directly on the coffee table.

Regarding to the home building trends 2016, floor to ceiling windows will be still frequently used. The connection between indoor and outdoor area is still a good idea for 2016 home design. Completed with double height ceiling, living room will feel so spacious. This architecture design is one of the home design trends 2016. This is aimed at providing a light and airy atmosphere. This will be linked to the color scheme, but some predictions come to say that plain white interior coloring will no longer be the trend.